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Hong Kong Medical Association

This web site is developed and maintained by the Hong Kong Medical Association for all registered Hong Kong doctors to house their Internet practice home page. The format complies with the Internet Guidelines which was proposed by the Hong Kong Medical Association and adopted by the Medical Council of Hong Kong.

We consider a practice home page as a signboard or an entry in the telephone directory. It contains essential information about the doctor including his specialty and how to get to him. This facilitates members of the public to communicate with their doctors.

This website is open to all registered doctors in Hong Kong. For practice page design and upload, please contact the Hong Kong Medical Association.

Disclaimer: The Hong Kong Medical Association will try to verify all the information submitted. However, the Association is not responsible for any errors in the information presented and the liabilities arising from the error. Doctors participating in this project would be responsible for updating the data when there is any change. The fees mentioned are for reference only and patients are advised to confirm with the doctor or the clinic staff.